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Avalon Triumvirate Academy

The mission of Avalon Triumvirate Academy (ATA) is to promote within each student academic achievement, physical health, and a strong sense of self. ATA is a place where kids can feel at home. When kids feel safe, loved and cared for, they want to come to school. Located in a farmhouse, situated on 73 acres in rural Vermont, complete with horses, chickens and trees made for climbing, Avalon Triumvirate Academy provides the perfect environment for developing young minds to thrive. Along with traditional academics and a college preparatory program, students are taught the skills needed for a successful transition into adulthood. Our mission is simple: to promote academic achievement, physical health, and a strong sense of self. We acheive this by remaining focused on the principles of cooperation, respect, accountability and play. At ATA, we know that teaching moments don't just happen in the classroom but throughout the day. In all that we do, we are committed to honoring each student's unique talents and challenges and encouraging the development of a healthy sense of self.

We are a small close knit community with a maximum capacity of 16 students. We operate much like a family, eating home cooked lunches in the kitchen and performing daily chores. Students participate in a number of recreational activities such as archery, snowsports, and mountain biking, cultivating the lifelong desire for a healthy active lifestyle. Optional equestrian and 4-H activities are available onsite.

Individualized education means that students are encouraged to work at their own pace in each subject area. A student may work above grade level in one subject but below in another.

For more information, please email us or call (802) 849-2488.